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Integrate "PAY-ON-WHEELS" into your parking app.

Developing or improving your own parking mobile app?

Integrate the "in-vehicle payments"!

Use "Pay-On-Wheels" API for the integration. It's the best solution for parking payment confirmation. Sell BT-codes online and accept them via our API plus the network of POW Bluetooth devices. Once the user booked the parking spot by buying the BT-code via your app, one can present them at the parking via "Pay-on-Wheels" (BT-codes instead of QR-codes!).

How you integrate Pay-on-Wheels API into your system:

1. for the parking spot reservation (gated off-street and event):
- the parking provider (garage/lot/street) installs the POW devices at the involved parking spots.
- when you user reserves the parking via your app - your app requests POW-API for the unique BT-code for confirmation.
- you provide your user with that BT-code. (the user downloads the code into your mobile app)
- when the user arrives - the one enables the BT-code, so your system by interacting with POW-API - accepts the confirmation BT-code.

2. for the on-street/ or non-gated off-street:
- when the user arrived at the place equiped by the POW device and would like to start the parking - your system requests the POW for what is the exact parking place the user is located at.
- POW automaticaly detects it and returnes you the value
- so no manual input is needed by the user.

Partnership tiers
Tier Pricing model
Client: Percentage per transaction
Member: Monthly fee
Co-founder: All free

Get API docs

Get API docs