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Start accepting the "in-vehicle" payments

Enhance your customers experience by enabling "in-vehicle payments" on your site. Streamline your QSR experience by enabling "in-vehicle payments" on your drive-through site. Taking orders when the customers just arrived to the line! Great! Now let them pay for the order right from the car while they are moving in line.

By subscribing to our service:
3 options available :
1 Our brand mobile wallet app
2 Your brand mobile app (we provide it for free). The free app of your brand and use it to make in-vehicle payments without leaving their car.
3 Integration of our technology into your existing app.

Your company :
Gets free equipment for accepting the "in-vehicle payments". You manage the special offers and mobile loyalty programs to retain and track customer's activity via the mobile app.

Your customers :
Get the free app on their phone enabling them to pay you from in-vehicle, without leaving their car. The unique technology keeps the customers data away from you - so no risk that you loose their information !